Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Gecko and his Echo

There once was a gecko
Without any echo.
It caused him a great deal of shame.

Every day he would go
To the canyon below
And call out his ridiculous name.

Cried the gecko, then added, “The Third!”

Then he’d angle his ear
In the hopes that he’d hear
It repeated—but never a word!

Oh the sadness and sorrow,
Today and tomorrow,
Our lizard friend felt from his lack!

He may have sticky feet,
But he felt incomplete
With no echo to answer him back!

It went on, day by day,
In the very same way.
He would try for an echo, and fail.

To the canyon he’d go,
Call his name high and low.
He tried hard, but to little avail.

Then, one hot afternoon
In the third week of June,
He climbed out on a rocky outcropping.

He puffed up like a lime,
Then this one final time
He prepared for some heavy name-dropping.

Phil-a-ranking-ton— OH!
In surprise, he had snapped his jaw shut!

For before he got through it,
The rocks listened to it,
And sent back an echoing “WHAT?!”

Well, the gecko was shocked,
And he nearly was knocked
On his bottom in startled surprise.

Then he started to grin,
For this felt like a win
After so many frustrating tries.

He repeated his name,
But was stopped just the same
By the echo, confused as could be.

“There’s a reason,” it sighed,
“Why I’ve never replied—
I can’t tell what you’re saying to me!”

“Just my name,” said the gecko.
“Oh won’t you please echo
It back? After all, it’s your job!”

“Listen, gecko,” it said,
“Can’t you call yourself Fred?
Or Tyrone? Or Ricardo? Or Bob?

“If a short name you call,
I’ll remember it all!
Doesn’t matter how quiet or loud.”

But the gecko called, “NO!”
To the canyon below.
“It’s a good name, important and proud!”

Well, the wind whistled by
Through the air, hot and dry,
But the echo was totally quiet.

Then it whispered, “Okay.
If you’ll teach me the way,
I suppose it won’t hurt me to try it.”

Cried the gecko, “Of course!”
Then he laughed himself hoarse.
“And don’t worry if you make mistakes!

"We can start it off slow,
You can learn as you go,
And I’ll stay here as long as it takes!”

So he patiently taught,
And his friend heard and thought,
Which was more than enough for the pair.

And the name of that gecko
Forever will echo
Triumphantly over the air!


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  2. Awwe, gecko finally said those four little lines
    that EVERY good sticky footed teacher knows!(-: