Sunday, September 13, 2009

Backyard Puppet Theatre

I’m putting on a puppet show!
It can’t be very hard.
I’m putting on a puppet show
Right here in my back yard.

I had to paint the scenery,
I had to hire the band.
I had to build the puppets
So they fit around my hand.

I had to set the stage up,
And I had to get some seats,
I had to stock the snack bar
With some marshy-mallow treats.

I had to draw some posters
So the audience would come.
I practiced with my puppets
’Til my fingers all went numb!

And now the curtain rises up,
And now the people clap.
But not a single puppet dares
To open up his trap!

Oh why, oh why, they wonder,
Are my puppets so tight-lipped?
Oh, this is so embarrassing—
I never wrote the script!

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