Sunday, September 13, 2009

House Cleaning

Grab a dustpan, grab a mop,
No time to watch cartoons!
It’s time to clean the house again—
We’re living like raccoons!

The kitchen table’s messier
Than I have ever seen.
There’s half a burger under it
That’s gone a little green.

There used to be a floor, I’m sure,
Beneath this pile of mud.
And I recall, there was a wall
Behind that stack of crud.

The shower’s full of mildew
And the pipe’s begun to rust.
The toilet’s like whole-wheat bread,
’Cause it’s got a two-inch crust!

The carpet color’s covered up
With tracks from dirty paws.
The bedroom’s like a bear’s den,
The garage is a lost cause.

Our friends are coming over,
And we’ve got so much to prove!
We’ll never get it clean it time—
I guess we’ll have to move!

1 comment:

  1. Naw, it's a little gross, but hey, what's wrong with living like raccoons?