Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breaking News

Good evening, I’m Chip Chipperson,
You’re watching Channel Four.
Our top story tonight:
My sandwich fell onto the floor.

The sandwich, turkey on whole wheat
With just a little cheese,
Flew off its plate when someone
Left it sitting in the breeze.

A witness happened by the scene
And saw this tragic tumble:
“It broke my heart,” said Sports Gal Sal,
“And made my cookie crumble.”

Then Lou with Weather shrugged and said,
“I told you there’d be wind.”
And Traffic-Copter Steve, who hates me,
Grinned and grinned and grinned.

More on this breaking story
After these commercial clips.
The sandwich leaves behind a pickle
And a bag of chips.

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  1. This breaking story sounds so familiarly funny!