Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Show or Tell?

"I'm sick," Sue said,

"Come feel my head--

I can't do show and tell."

"You can't fool me,"

Said Ms. McGee,

"You're looking very well."

Yelled Sue, "I'm sick!

No games, no trick!

I'm feeling really woozy!"

"You've always lied,"

McGee replied.

"No more--get up there Susie."

So Sue arose--

She wiped her nose,

And stood before the room.

She looked around;

McGee just frowned

With dour deadly doom.

"What should I do,"

Thought our friend Sue,

Whose stomach churned below her.

"I tried to tell,

But just as well--

I think I'd rather show her."

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Ms. McGee, we need to BELIEVE them!
    (We've been on both sides of this situation, haven't we!(-;)
    Cleverly brings a chuckle!