Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Evening

It’s time for pie!  Oh me, oh my!  
I hope my tummy’s ready!  
There’s not much room inside me after  
Two bowls of spaghetti.   

You go ahead and take a piece.  
You’re hungry still, I trust.  
And I’ll just take this fork and help you  
Even up the crust.   

This part is just too jagged,  
So I’ll have to eat a bit.  
But now an apple’s sticking out—  
Oh, what to do with it?!   

And now, it seems, there is a hole  
Where apples used to be.  
I guess I’ll have to even it.  
Oh woe, oh woe is me!   

Now this side looks too narrow,  
And this other side’s too wide.  
Too many apples over here,  
And too much crust outside!   

I’m really not that hungry,  
As I’m sure you must have guessed.  
Just let me finish even-ing,  
And you can have the rest!

1 comment:

  1. See this BIG SMILE?
    Been there, done that!
    Laugh and feel guilty at the same time?