Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rainbow Soup

Find me a pumpkin,

Bring me some spice,

Get me a carrot

And three grains of rice.

Peel me potatoes,

Squeeze me some juice,

Gather three raisins

And one Chocolate Moose.

Pour me some Frostee-Os

Fresh from the box,

Fetch me a chicken

Without any pox.

Catch me a rain-cloud

And melt me some snow.

Where's that green mushroom

That's starting to grow?

Go find the jelly beans,

Bring me a lot!

Throw it together

And stir up the pot.

Serve it with bacon

And one slice of bread.

Won't Mom and Dad enjoy

Breakfast in bed?

1 comment:

  1. ("Very thoughtful, but very early, Bud!")
    Experimental Chefs don't need no stinkin'
    recipe books!