Sunday, September 20, 2009

Typo Town Diner

I took a trip to Typo Town
And found a restaurant.
The waitress smiled and sat me down,
And said, “So whatcha want?”

I ordered up a lobster,
’Cause that sounded really great.
She smiled and brought me back
A tiny gangster on a plate!

I said, “No that’s a mobster,”
She said, “Oh, I’m sorry, hon!”
She took it back and brought me
A vampire on a bun!

“Now listen,” I said patiently,
“That’s two mistakes, at least!
I didn’t order monster.”
So she brought a little priest.

I said, “No, that’s a minister,”
“Oh dear,” she said, “poor man!”
She took him back and brought me out
A sneaky evil plan!

“Now, that’s just sinister!” I yelled.
She said, “Oh sorry, mister!”
She cleared the table, then brought back
A platter with my sister!

I tried to order lobster,
She brought all this crazy stuff!
But since my sister’s such a crab,
I ate her. Close enough.


  1. "A ROBBER??? ....I'm not lettin' YOU in!"

  2. I'm so sure your sister can take care of herself, while I just sit here and laugh!