Monday, May 4, 2009

Andy's Poem Planet

Welcome, children, one and all
To Andy's Poem Planet. 
With rhythms rolling like the seas 
And rhymes of solid granite. 
With continents of chaos 
Bound by oceans of control. 
There's forests full of Tickle Bears 
And mountains full of soul. 
So send your rovers, send your landers, 
Dance upon the shores. 
I'll share with you my deepest dreams 
And still save room for yours.


  1. Mighty generous of ya! :)

  2. There once was an Andy from Wynnewood
    On account of activities no longer could
    Assemble meter or scansions with rhymes.
    Internet! Blogging in snippets of times!
    So attention back to composition: Andy should.

  3. Andy, these are so great! Have you thought about putting together a book and finding a publisher? You're delighing both your 4 and your 40 year-old audiences!

  4. Yes Andy, and Silver Senior 60's!