Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Hybrid

They told me, “Get a hybrid!” 
That’s exactly what I did. 
I bought a car that’s half a truck 
And half a giant squid.   

It's got a flat-bed in the back, 
Its seats are smooth and sleek, 
It scares off all tailgaters 
With its giant razor-beak.   

It comes equipped with four-wheel drive 
And every new refinement. 
I rarely need to take it in 
For tentacle alignment.   

I save so much on gasoline 
I feel a little selfish— 
Just pour in half a gallon 
And a bucket full of shellfish.   

It drives up mountains smoothly 
So you never feel the motion. 
Though sometimes it prefers to prowl 
The bottom of the ocean.   

And all was going swimmingly 
Until that jerk next door 
Pulled up in half a minivan 
And half Tyrannosaur!


  1. Yikes! Now those are two very disconcerting vehicles!

  2. Where do ALL these brilliant ideas come from?
    Also, I'm not tailgating anymore! (-;