Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just One Sprocket!

I only need one sprocket 
To complete my backyard rocket 
And I’ve looked through all the pockets 
Of my pants.   

I found a tiny shoe 
And a cookie—almost new 
And book on how to do 
The chicken dance.   

I found my neighbor’s kitty 
And a diamond ring—so pretty! 
And a miniature city 
From the moon.   

And a watch that freezes time, 
And a snail with magic slime, 
And a mountain I could climb 
This afternoon.   

Then I found a dragon hissing, 
And two little robots kissing, 
And the keys that Mom was missing 
From her purse.   

I found all the stars above, 
And a planet made of love, 
And the Deepest Secrets of 
The Universe   

But not a single sprocket 
To complete my backyard rocket! 
Oh, I guess I’ll have to dock it 
By the tree.   

I should be out exploring, 
With my rocket ship a-roaring, 
But my life is just so boring! 
Woe is me!

1 comment:

  1. We should get Jesse Jackson to read this one aloud like a Revival Evangelist, like he did on "Saturday Night Live" with "Green Eggs and Ham".