Sunday, May 31, 2009


Spitballs in the water fountain, 
Toilets full of trash,  
Classroom windows shattered 
With a rock, a crunch, a CRASH!

Blackboards smeared with mashed potatoes, 
Frogs on every chair, 
Gum crammed into every book, 
And boogers everywhere!

Lunch-room is a war-zone 
Where the food is flung with glee. 
Chalk’s been spotted in some places 
Chalk should never be.

Wedgies, purple nurples, 
And “behavioral disruption” 
Burst from every classroom 
Like a fiery eruption.

You might think they’re lonely, 
Or imagine they get glummer, 
But teachers do some crazy things 
When kids are gone for summer!


  1. Ha! Love the twist in the last verse, and picturing my teachers getting up to that sort of mischief...

  2. Oh! This one is WAY up there. Yes, WAY!
    As a retired Special Ed. Teacher, who subs, I'm wondering how you found us out? (-;

  3. Amazingly funny and beautifully executed--As usual!!!