Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pot Luck

First step is bring the water to a boil, 
Then add a tablespoon of olive oil. 
Some carrots, chopped, a dash of coriander, 
Then eye of newt and tail of salamander. 
Some diced potatoes, celery, and corn, 
A tail-hair from a golden unicorn. 
Some cooking sherry, maybe half a flagon, 
Three toenails from a double-headed dragon, 
Tomato paste, fresh beans, a pound of chicken, 
(A little flour helps the whole thing thicken). 
A serpent's tooth, the eyelids of a toad, 
And just a dash of pepper for the road.   

Whoever said a batch of witches' brew 
Can't also be the most delicious stew? 
Besides--when what I feed them's not disgusting, 
I find the little children far more trusting.

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